Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nail Salon and Spa

When this nail salon moved into the Owings Mills neighborhood at the old 4 way stop a few years ago, I'll be honest and tell you that my intentions were to never patronize them. I mean after all, they had just assumed the same location as the old nail salon. High priced and poor service. How could they be any better. After months and months of transient nail shopping, I was finally convinced by my sister to try them out. "They are so friendly" she said, and the place is "Gorgeous"! So try I did and I was pleasantly surprised. The owner Annie and her husband seemed genuinely nice and very accomodating. I was in love. I got my own personal box which I thought was a smart move on their end. I mean promoting loyalty an all. How could I go to another nail salon now. I mean I have a BOX. I couldn't betray Annie. So I kept going and love it more and more each time. The salon is cozy and has a spa feel to it. The prices are very reasonable and they treat you great. The services include your regular mani and pedi but also deluxe pedi's, eye waxing, eye lashes and a few other services.

So if you're ever in the Owings Mills area, their located at the old 4 way stop of Red Run Blvd. and Dolefield Rd. Stop in and ask for Annie, she'll take care of you.

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